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Arts 4 Health

Arts 4 Health is our holistic health and wellbeing programme which incorporates physical activities, creative mindfulness and user-led support to improve health and well-being and reduce social isolation open to all ages.

Arts 4 Health Green, will benefit those aged 18+ who are vulnerable and disadvantaged, living within North East Lincolnshire. Participation with empower them to improve collectively the quality of life of our community through the natural environment.

Arts 4 Health aims to empower people to better support themselves and each other by sharing experiences, forming positive relationships, relaxing, socialising and learning new skills in a safe and supportive environment. This approach contributes to improving participants confidence, resilience, well-being and mental health.

Climb 4 aim to support and improve the life chances of disadvantaged people, who are at risk, by providing community well-being, development and skills opportunities. Our aim is ‘Building a Brighter future’ through Creative and Learning opportunities that are Inclusive and benefit the Mind and Body (CLIMB).

Due to the nature of our inclusive, our early intervention Arts 4 Health programme shall be supporting those who are showing early signs/risk of poor mental health due to other physical health or disadvantages. Providing a range of positive activities that improve health and well-being.  Ensuring that we focus on the diversity of our community.

Our skilled and experienced team are passionate about delivering creative learning, well-being and training programmes within the local community. Arts4Health is an early intervention programme providing a range of positive activities including:


A range of craft based activities which take place in different, local supportive and nurturing environments such as our gorgeous coastline and in nature (based at Green Futures, Grimsby). Creative mindfulness helps to connect the mind and body as well as improve mental health and social connections as well as offering a safe place to connect with nature, improve your knowledge and skills and utilise arts and crafts as an outlet to explore emotions and feelings.

This is a place to build friendships and relationships with yourself as well as with the natural world. Our creative mindfulness is also part of our green social prescribing programme - contact for more details.

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