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Inspiring Stories – A CLIMB 4 volunteers’ step by step journey to gaining employment and qualifications

In October 2017, I joined CLIMB 4 as a volunteer on our Peer support programme, 4 You by You.  This was an amazing opportunity for me, I was living in a hostel, estranged from most of my family, giving college a 2nd chance. Everyone involved was passionate, about supporting those with mental health with a more personal touch, not clinical. I spent a couple months with the company until I had to leave due to being unable to give my all.

In April 2018 I left college and started a traineeship with CLIMB 4. The programme enabled me to get the experience I needed to progress onto an Apprenticeship with CLIMB 4. I was given a chance where maybe I shouldn’t have done, I’d dropped out of college twice, and had barely any experience. But something was seen in me, that gave me the drive to know I could do this.

By July 2018, I had worked on a variety of programmes across the business and was now beginning my Level 2 Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship.

I couldn’t have been more excited that I had this opportunity to make myself proud. I spent the next year, working on every programme, all the ones I was before, and new ones RESPECT, PATCH and even taking part of flash mobs, which was completely new to me, but I loved it.

July 2019, I did it! I completed my apprenticeship; this was such an achievement for me, I wasn’t just a girl who dropped out of college twice, I had finished my Level 2. I spent the summer working at Holiday club, which was already becoming a favourite part of my job... before the year ended, we had started a new project STEPP UP, this was created to support women, and the paperwork alongside meant I had to use all my past experience with admin to truly excel at this.

The year 2020, was crazy for everyone. June 2020, we started a pilot project for Create the Tiger Online, this was a wonderful project reaching out to families, I continued working alongside co-coordinators sharing my extensive knowledge of Climb 4 and supporting them on this brand-new project.

In March 2021, I was offered more permanent role here at CLIMB 4, working as a Learning and Development Practitioner Apprentice, which I am now doing alongside my Level 3 Teaching Assistant qualification. CLIMB 4 have supported me every step of the way.

I have achieved so many things, striving towards goals I didn’t have back in 2016 when I was doing my first year at college. Dreams I didn’t have when I was 10, but here I am happy, and looking forward to the future.

My journey shows that with determination and commitment anything is possible and, that informal education really works.


To find out more about the opportunities we offer please view our Learning and Training page or contact us, we’d be happy to talk to you.